What is my ministry?

Pay attention to the ministry you have received in the Lord, so that you can accomplish it.”

Colossians 4:17

In my 20’s to early 40’s, I’d always been involved with church and ministry. Though to be fair, the years of our business took away a lot of time from what I’d call accepted church “ministry.” My wife and I actually saw our business as a ministry to help support those that we employed, so they could earn a living. However, the oppressive business environment in California and our selected industry being so competitive made it really hard to succeed.

Now, in my early 50’s, with the revealing of the global evil and their great reset, all the future talk of the end times, tribulation, persecution, the mark of the beast, etc. has taken on new meaning. Do I know if the vaccine is the mark of the beast? I don’t know, but I don’t think so. I’ve taken a more partial preterist view (though I believe that being dogmatic about any end times position is unnecessary), so I believe that each generation will go through their own trials and tribulations until Jesus returns.

What does that mean, practically? That means, I don’t seek out any secular leader to claim that he’s the antichrist. My framework is that the world has been controlled by the devil for millennia, and God allows it. When God believes that humanity needs help/intervention otherwise satan would overwhelm us, then he inserts himself in his creation. It could be in small ways on a daily basis, or it could be in big ways that creates upheaval and a reordering of life. I don’t know, but reading the Bible, I know that he’s capable of both ends of the spectrum.

So, back to the title: What is my ministry? I think that for me and how God has wired me specifically with the experiences and inclinations and interests, I think (still in process, okay) that my ministry may be to be part of the vanguard or voice calling people back to God first and foremost. And secondly, to wake people up by working and presenting the current reality of what our battlefield is with respect to the spiritual and earthly battle between good and evil. The first is obvious–it’s the great commission. The second is where I’m still processing, but I think my focus has been drifting over to envisioning what kind of a new world we could have and can create if we truly opened our eyes and overthrow our earthly slave masters.

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