The most important question

What is Truth?

Why? Because in every aspect of our life, we all want, and really, we NEED truth. Is the light green? Is the price of that jacket $100? Is that water or vinegar? Is she your wife? Did you answer that test question correctly?

Truth is ingrained in almost all human interactions, so that we take its presence and foundation for granted. It’s all around us, and only with a common understanding of what we generally accept as true can we really interact and communicate with each other. Here’s an example of when we see truth differently…

Yesterday I called the vet for my dog’s upset tummy. My wife knew I called the vet, so went to the vet to pick up the medicine for Max. Later on, she called me to bring Max in for a check up since the vet recommended it. As I was driving, my wife called and asked why I wasn’t there already. I got annoyed because I was well on the way, but she thought I should’ve already been there.

What happened? Well, it turns out she’d been talking about the new vet near our place, while I was talking about the old vet that was further away. We were both right, but the truth was interpreted differently.

You can say the most important issue is finding your purpose, or living your dream, or having a good family, or being successful at work, and those are all well and good–but they’re all limiting. Because, at a higher level, the issue of life’s truth still reigns over all these pursuits.

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6

My identity as a human is first and foremost a “Christian.” That is THE most important identity, which points to: what is the ultimate truth about life for humanity–as a whole, and individually? I believe that it’s to know the TRUTH of a loving God who created the universe and humanity to populate and reign over the Earth and wants to know each one of us. I won’t go into details on this today, but I would say that having this ultimate TRUTH as my foundation goes a long way to explaining the truth in all other aspects of life and gives great comfort.

I don’t mind or really care or get offended if you scoff and mock the God of the Bible as a fairy tale or crutch of weakminded people. All I can say is, on a physical and also spiritual level, having this TRUTH of who I am in the full spectrum of life and the world around me is very reassuring. Having this first truth allows me to have proper perspective in all of life, the highs and lows.

I hope you find your life’s most important question, which is what is your ultimate truth? As a Christian, I know that it is very hard for those who don’t believe as I do to fully understand God. But, if you are willing to look at your life honestly and admit you could use some help, I invite you to ask God to show himself to you. This is the first thing you need to do–ask him to help you know him. He’ll happily make himself known to you.

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