Even the medical field are in denial

This article, which I’ve pasted a lot of below, shows the utter delusion doctors and nurses are in, when they think they’re the rational science-based ones. Uh..no, they’re not. They’re just as irrational as the next person. Here’s another article reporting the same thing–more patients than normal coming in for non-Covid health issues. ADE anyone…?… Continue reading Even the medical field are in denial

Covid Vaccine = AIDS

This article reports on the Public Health England statistics, and speculates, very credibly, that the deteriorating efficacy of the vaccine eventually leads to a vaccinated person having complete immune deficiency. This is the ID part of AIDS. And, the sooner you work on repairing vaccine injury and damage, the better it is for you. Well,… Continue reading Covid Vaccine = AIDS

How the mRNA vaccine destroys your innate immune system

I’m pasting the entire article here because this is what I fear for my family and friends who got vaccinated: that they now have NO immune system, period. In life and in science, changes have consequences. With hindsight, the bad ones are easy to see, some may argue. But when we examine the natural consequences… Continue reading How the mRNA vaccine destroys your innate immune system

Vaccine madness

A lot of what we’re seeing now with regard to the effects of the vaccines had already been discussed for a long time. But the cabal keeps fooling people and blinding them. Their judgment day is coming.

Antibody Dependent Enhancement, explained

Dr. Doug does a masterful job explaining the issue of antibody dependent enhancements (ADE) to the layperson. This was written before the vaccine was developed, and was very prescient in its warnings of the downside of developing a vaccine for Covid. Do yourself a favor, and read it.

My simple calculation on Covid and the vaccine

It’s pretty simple: I don’t want to take an experimental vaccine, where the makers of it are protected from all legal liability and repercussions. If there is any worse disincentive for a manufacturer of anything to do the right thing, holding them harmless of any blame is the worst. This vaccine is still experimental, and… Continue reading My simple calculation on Covid and the vaccine