Covid and Syncytia

I follow this researcher and she shares some good insight on calcium and why we’re seeing coagulation in excess.

Something malicious IS going on

They want people to die, plain and simple. I share this article in full because it is powerful. A Canadian emergency room physician has been banned from practicing medicine in Alberta after he defied the province’s COVID treatment protocols by prescribing Ivermectin to three patients. In a powerful speech last week, Dr. Daniel Nagase vented about the… Continue reading Something malicious IS going on


This permanent lung damage issue is worrisome. Once the spike protein latches on, it causes a lot of problems. A lot.

ADE is here

I had an inkling that ADE was showing up in all the breakthrough Covid cases, but now… it really is confirmed.

Mass Psychosis will not end well

One day soon, when the bloodbath of the vaccine and the vaccine affected retribution by the survivors and/or recently deceased due to the vaccine, we will look back with bitter regret and anger and so much sadness. We are in the process of destroying our future.