Evil must be destroyed

Bill Gates, Schwab, and Fauci have been in cahoots in ushering in the decade of the vaccine in order to cull the human population. This article discusses it in more detail. Further, there’s even a report written that lays out exactly what we’re seeing today.

How the mRNA vaccine destroys your innate immune system

I’m pasting the entire article here because this is what I fear for my family and friends who got vaccinated: that they now have NO immune system, period. In life and in science, changes have consequences. With hindsight, the bad ones are easy to see, some may argue. But when we examine the natural consequences… Continue reading How the mRNA vaccine destroys your innate immune system

Vaccine madness

A lot of what we’re seeing now with regard to the effects of the vaccines had already been discussed for a long time. But the cabal keeps fooling people and blinding them. Their judgment day is coming.

Three functions of money

In his book Digital Gold, Nathaniel Popper writes: In America, the dollar seamlessly serves the three functions of money: providing a medium of exchange, a unit for measuring the cost of goods, and an asset where value can be stored. In Argentina, on the other hand, while the peso was used as a medium of… Continue reading Three functions of money