Give to God what is God’s

This post by Meaning in History touches on an interesting dynamic of Christian faith as a cultural and political force or tool in society. I agree with his assessment, and think that the secular diminishment of Christian values has been the major reason for the state of the world today. This is seen at a physical and societal level, but the real battle here that the world is oblivious to is the spiritual one being waged by the devil against God. Humanity are pawns in this cosmic war, if you can allow yourself to see it through spiritual eyes.

However, the breakdown of consensus within the Christian intellectual world corresponded with two major developments: the Protestant revolt against Christian orthodoxy and the rise of the individual nation states in the West, more or less centered on ethnic identity rather than Christian faith. From being the cultural unifying worldview of the West, Christianity broke down into sects which were adopted by the rulers of the new nation states as suited their needs in the power politics of the day. Those nation states thus became “confessional” states, with whichever variant of “Christianity” that was adopted as official by the rulers serving to bolster the state. Thus the wars among the nation states also became what were called The Wars of Religion.

This is the context in which Classical Liberalism arose–the ancestors of both political tendencies which are “libertarian” (subjectivist) in their orientation–in popular parlance, conservatives and liberals . The early classical liberals simplistically viewed the problem as the conflict of “religious” beliefs. They sought ways to end the strife by “taming” religious “sentiment”, variously seeking to submit religion to government regulation or to marginalize it in a regime of universal tolerance.

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