Be heavenly sighted

When I read Paul’s letters to the churches, and I read 1 Thessalonians today, it’s fascinating that he rarely discusses the politics or culture. He accepts it, and doesn’t talk much about it. Rather, he focuses almost exclusively on the gospel, and the new life that we have in it.

Maybe that’s the balance I need: between preaching the gospel versus advocating, educating, warning people in navigating through the world we are in. Or does that not even matter, so long as we are aware of avoiding the pitfalls?

With the covid pandemic, voicing opposition to the vaccine is literally life-saving. So would God not want us to speak out? I would say there’s a place for it.

But, I think this is where my movement is towards: how to create a new world out of the crumbling wreckage of America and other nation-states and our deep state created web of geopolitical relationships and tensions? Creating a new world that is heavenly focused and releases the potential of each God-created person.

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